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Fully controlled, low-cost file storage that matches the features and performance of popular commercial and open-source data files.

Block Storage File and Object Storage
Overview Capacity Optimized Performance Prime
Description Cost-effective capacity-optimized block storage service for Tier2 workloads. Cost-effective general performance block storage service for mission-critical low-latency or throughput workloads. Premium block storage service for mission-critical, low-latency workloads. The underlying Service Infrastructure deployed is designed to deliver 1000 IOPS/TiB under the following workload characteristics: 70/30 read/writ RR = 4:1; block size = 16k; and concurrency = 60% and without any replication configurations enabled. File and object Storage is designed to deliver fast read and write.
Minimum Capacity 200TB 50TB 50TB 50TB
IOPS/TB 100 300 1000 --
Relative Performance 1x 3x 10x 1x
Max Read Performance 9 GB/s 18 GB/s 18 GB/s 43 MB/s
Latency 3-5 ms sub-ms sub-ms --
Use Case Tier2 Database and virtual machines, archive stores, test/dev, snapshot consolidation/retention. Ideal fora broad range of Tier! workloads: Cassandra, MongoDB, MariaDB. VDI, Vmware, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP, HyperV, Epic. Hybrid and multi cloud, contrainers, media libraries, short term storage, Migrate to cloud, DR to cloud, test/dev Ideal for a broad range of Block performance workloads with premium lOPS/TIB requirements. Rapid Restore, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, EDA, HPC, Software development, Code & artifact repository. Custom and COTS (Splunk, Vertica EON) S3 app support Rapid Restore (CommVault, Veeam).
Our significant steps

The significant steps include:

  1. During the Installation Process, experts will perform the point-in-time checks essential for your system before the installation of storage arrays.
  1. Finalize all the general configuration, including credentials and users as expected values.
  1. Validation of ports and performing health checks.
Our significant steps

All the essential steps performed during the installation include:

  1. Site Planning Phase – Site installation will be performed including physical installation of storage arrays like racking and stacking, cabling, power-on, cooling, connectors, and health checks.
  2. Configuration – the basic configuration of the storage array
  3. Preparing the networking environment for connectivity to CTS servers and replication between the arrays (where required) including, IP address assignment, routing and firewalls configuration, DNS, and proxy assignment.
  4. We follow a detailed checklist for a seamless installation of the storage device.
  5. Provision of service infrastructure and cabling between arrays and switches.
  6. Testing and validation of the setup with end-to-end configuration.
  1. Validation of ports and performing health checks.